Quality Rubber Products

If you need quality rubber parts and components to help your product achieve design or performance benefits, JSP can supply you with a wide variety of proven options. Components manufactured of EPDM, CR and silicone rubber offer unique characteristics for a wide range of utility in everyday products, including a variety of membranes for fitting, blind plugs, sealing and much more. If your temperature tolerances fall between -40° C to +130° C, a rubber part or component can be considered to help you achieve your design goals.

In addition to malleability, rubber is a flexible material that can be used to deliver installation and time-saving properties, provide smart open and access points, airholes for suspension and virtually any performance benefit you can imagine.

Typical Rubber Component Applications

JSP can supply you with a variety of proven parts and components, including:

  • Cable grommets
    Cable grommets
  • Lamella plugs
    Lamella plugs
  • Blanking plugs
    Blanking plugs
  • Oblong grommets
    Oblong grommets
  • Rubber buffers
    Rubber buffers
  • Standard rubber stops
    Standard rubber stops
  • Custom grommets
    Custom grommets
  • U-shape grommets
    U-shape grommets
  • Strain relief grommets
    Strain relief grommets
  • Grommets with inner or outer diaphragms
    Grommets with inner or outer diaphragms
  • Space-saving grommets with pushout membranes
    Space-saving grommets with pushout membranes
  • Grommets with inner sealing lips
    Grommets with inner sealing lips

And more!

The characteristics of our products are mainly determined by the rubber compounds. The appropriate formulation enables our products to the specific situation and to meet ever-increasing tendency environmental performance requirements, the settlement behavior, the dynamic mechanical loads as well as the temperature, weathering and chemical resistance.

If you need a reliable supplier of rubber parts and components, contact JSP today.

Our rubber components are made in Germany by our partner, Gummivogt.

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