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The quality and performance of consumer and industrial products are often defined by small details. A great example of this is damping solutions. Dampers slow and optimize mechanical movements. The right damping technology slows down and softens movement, improves comfort and enhances overall performance – solving engineering challenges for a variety of products in almost all product categories, including:

  • Medical device
  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Consumer products
  • And much more

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Keeping the World Moving in Perfect, Controlled Motion

Products without dampers work, however products designed with dampers work even better. There are a variety of damper options available and JSP can help you find the right solution to meet your product and performance needs.

  • Small Rotary Dampers

    Small Rotary Dampers

    Small rotary dampers fasten to or snap into a given panel configuration and give proven damping motion for several automotive interior, electronics and appliance applications.

  • Large Rotary Dampers

    Large Rotary Dampers

    Large rotary dampers are suitable for applications that demand more durability and higher torque than what the small rotary dampers provide. Common applications include but are not limited to automotive glove-boxes and door-handles.

  • Linear Dampers

    Linear Dampers

    Linear dampers provide a smooth linear motion. They are available with dampening in one direction while allowing free run in the other. The dampers are used for common automotive applications especially glove-boxes while also extending to the furniture industry.

  • Air Dampers

    Air Dampers

    Air dampers provide damped, linear motion in one direction while allowing free (non-damped) motion in the other. Common automotive applications include glove-boxes and cup-holders while also extending to various industrial and appliance applications.

  • Hinge Dampers

    Hinge Dampers

    Hinge dampers are rotary dampers that mount at the hinge-point and are designed to fit into small spaces. A typical application is automotive interior assist grip.

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