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With almost 40 years of experience in parts and components supply, we can find the right solution to meet your manufacturing and production needs. Whether you’re looking for smooth and quiet mechanical movement with our damping products, challenging performance issues solved by our full line of ceramic fasteners, or long-lasting durability achieved by our extensive line of rubber parts and components, JSP is ready to ship quality parts and components to your location anywhere in the world.

We help our customers achieve the performance they desire – and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. If your product requires damping components, ceramic fasteners, rubber seals and plugs, electricity, or a power source of any kind, chances are we have the part or component you need.

Product Categories

  • Damping Technology

    Damping Technology

    Dampers slow and optimize mechanical movements. They increase the comfort and hence the value of your application.
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  • Ceramic Fasteners

    Ceramic Fasteners

    Ceramic Fasteners can be found in medical fields, aviation, and analysis as they are perfect problem-solvers in high-temperature and acidic environments.

  • Rubber Products

    Rubber Products

    Components manufactured of EPDM, CR and silicone rubber offer unique characteristics for a wide range of utility in everyday products, including a variety of membranes for fitting, blind plugs, sealing and much more.

We also offer:

  • Fastening Technology

    Fastening Technology

    These innovative devices impress with their versatility. They simplify and speed up assembly operations and reduce costs.
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  • Cable and Wire Management

    Cable and Wire Management

    All products related to cables, wires, tubes and pipes; for bundling, performing, publishing, protecting, supporting and identifying cables. They bring order and security.
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  • Heat-Shrink Tubes

    Heat-Shrink Tubes

    For bundling, insulating, protecting and identifying cables, wires, strands and components with different services.
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  • Housing and Case Accessories

    Housing and Case Accessories

    Around the housing you’ll find the right component – strain reliefs, latch-lock systems, rubber pads, bushings, caps, plugs and bumper feet.
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  • PCB Accessories

    PCB Accessories

    Keep precise distance and securely fasten with screws and snap-in fittings. Plastic and metal spacers solve your assembly tasks.
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  • Connection Systems

    Connection Systems

    Flat connectors, cable lugs, wire-end ferrules. The classic solutions have been proven over millions of installations for secure cohesion.
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  • Application Tools

    Application Tools

    Our innovative products save time and increase production safety. These products are durable, user-friendly and simplify the installation process.
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