Quality Ceramic Fasteners – Are We Crazy?

Absolutely not! Ceramic fasteners enjoy performance benefits that are perfect for a variety of applications, including medical, high-temperature, acidic environments, corrosive environments, extreme gas situations, aviation, analytic instruments and many more!

While there are unique challenges found in specific vertical industries, like medical devices, many manufacturers are finding that ceramic parts and components can work wonders – and JSP can help you find the right fit for your specific needs. Ceramic is an excellent choice for electronics and instrumentation as well – outperforming metals in many product categories. Supplying our customers with standard ceramic fasteners is a specialty at JSP.

Performance Benefits of Ceramic Fasteners

Ceramic fasteners are generally categorized into two groups based on their main chemical compounds: alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2). Utilizing custom ceramic parts and components in OEM products, versus stainless steel, can carry a variety of performance benefits, including:

  • Enhanced corrosion and wear. Ceramic components are designed to withstand saltwater, acids and other chemicals to reduce failure and keep maintenance costs low. In addition to corrosion, custom ceramic components can be designed to perform in high temperature environments.
  • Electrical insulation. Custom ceramic components typically insulate from 70eV to 300kV and can be designed to insulate voltage lower and higher levels based on the need or application. In addition, custom ceramic parts are non-outgassing (gas-tight) inert, non-conductive and defect-free – providing zero electrical conduction and application interference.
  • Thermal insulation. For customers requiring thermal shock reduction, JSP can recommend a custom ceramic part for a variety of applications. Our partners can provide a specific blend to match engineering requirements and tolerances.
  • Ability to perform in extreme temperatures. Ceramic out-performs metal in high-temperature applications without melting or changing form.

No matter what kind of ceramic fasteners you’re looking for, we can provide ceramic rivets, ceramic pins, ceramic bolts, ceramic screws, ceramic nuts, ceramic washers, and ceramic braces to support your engineering requirements.

Examples of Solid Ceramic Fasteners

If your application requires corrosion protection, resistance to high temperatures up to 2,000° C, durability, non-magnetic and/or non-conductive properties, bio-compatibility or a host of other performance benefits not found with other materials, JSP can recommend and provide the ceramic fastener to help you solve your biggest challenges. Following are some examples of the ceramic fasteners we can deliver:

  • Phillips Flat Head
    Phillips Flat Head
  • Slotted Flat Head
    Slotted Flat Head
  • Socket Flat Head
    Socket Flat Head
  • Phillips Pan Head
    Phillips Pan Head
  • Slotted Pan Head
    Slotted Pan Head
  • Hex Head
    Hex Head
  • Cap Socket Head
    Cap Socket Head
  • Cheese Head
    Cheese HeadCheese Head
  • Hex Nut
    Hex Nut
  • Flat Washer
    Flat Washer

Whether you have a ceramic part or component need, or you have a challenge we need to solve for you, JSP can provide the right ceramic fastener to help you achieve your specific engineering challenges. Contact us today.

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